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Near-Term Actions to Assure Reliable Operations

On October 10, 2003, the NERC Board of Trustees, with the endorsement of its Stakeholders Committee, directed that the following letter be sent to the CEOs of all NERC control areas and reliability coordinators.

NERC is assisting the U.S.-Canada Joint Task Force's investigation of the August 14, 2003, blackout that affected parts of the Midwest and Northeast United States, and Ontario, Canada. Although considerable progress has been made in the investigation to determine what happened, an understanding of the causes of the outage is still being developed through analysis by teams of experts.

The reliability of the North American bulk electric systems, including the avoidance of future cascading outages, is of paramount importance to NERC and its stakeholders. Pending the outcome of the final report on the outage, NERC emphasizes to all entities responsible for the reliable operation of bulk electric systems the importance of assuring those systems are operated within their design criteria and within conditions known to be reliable through analytic study. If the power system enters an unanalyzed state, system operators must have the authority and the capability to take emergency actions to return the power system to a safe condition.

NERC requests that each entity in North America that operates a control area and each NERC reliability coordinator review the  list of reliability practices to ensure their organizations are within NERC and regional reliability council standards and established good utility practices. NERC further requests that within 60 days, each entity report in writing to their respective regional reliability council, with a copy to NERC, that such a review has been completed and the status of any necessary corrective actions. This brief list of near-term actions is not in any way intended to diminish the need to comply with all NERC and regional reliability council standards and good utility practices.

Control Areas:

Region Control Area Date of Response
ECAR AEP Service Corp. -- Transmission System  
AESC, LLC - Wheatland CIN  
AESC, LLC - Wheatland IPL  
American Transmission Systems, Inc.  
Big Rivers Electric Corp.  
Cinergy Corporation  
Dayton Power & Light  
DECA, LLC - Hargy Rock November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - Vermillion November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - Washington November 12, 2003
Duquesne Light  
East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.  
First Energy Corp.  
Hoosier Energy  
Indianapolis Power & Light Company  
LG&E Energy Transmission Services  
Michigan Electric Coordinated System  
Northern Indiana Public Service Company  
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation  
Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.  
FRCC City of Homestead  
City of Tallahassee  
Florida Municipal Power Pool  
Florida Power & Light  
Florida Power Corporation  
Gainesville Regional Utilities  
Reedy Creek Improvement District  
Seminole Electric Cooperative  
Tampa Electric Company  
Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach  
MAAC PJM Interconnection  
MAIN AESC, LLC - Lincoln Center  
Alliant Energy - CA - ALTE  
Alliant Energy - CA - ALTW  
Ameren Transmission  
Central Illinois Light Co.  
City Water Light & Power  
Columbia Water & Light  
Commonwealth Edison  
DECA, LLC - Lee County

November 12, 2003

Electric Energy, Inc.  
Illinois Power Co.  
Madison Gas and Electric Company  
Southern Illinois Power Cooperative  
Upper Peninsula Power Co.  
Wisconsin Energy Corporation  
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation  
MAPP Dairyland Power Cooperative  
Great River Energy  
Lincoln Electric System  
MHEB, Transmission Services  
MidAmerican Energy Company  
Minnesota Power, Inc.  
Muscatine Power and Water  
Nebraska Public Power District  
Northern States Power Company  
Otter Tail Power Company  
SaskPower Grid Control Centre  
Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency  
Western Area Power Administration - UGPR  
NPCC Hydro-Quebec, TransEnergie  
ISO New England Inc.  
Maritime Area  
New York Independent System Operator  
Ontario - Independent Electricity Market Operator  
SERC AESC, LLC - Gleason  
Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc.  
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.  
Batesville Control Area  
Carolina Power & Light Company - CPLE  
Carolina Power & Light Company - CPLW  
DECA, LLC - Enterprise

November 12, 2003

DECA, LLC - Marshal November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - Murray November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - New Albany November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - North Little Rock November 12, 2003
DECA, LLC - Sandersville November 12, 2003
Dominion Virginia Power  
Duke Energy Corporation

 November 11, 2003

Louisiana Generating, LLC  
Santee Cooper  
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company  
South Mississippi Electric Power Association  
Southeastern Power Administration (SETH)  
Southeastern Power Administration (SEHA)  
Southeastern Power Administration (SERU)  
Southern Company Services, Inc.  
Tennessee Valley Authority ESO

 November 10, 2003

Yadkin, Inc.  
SPP Aquila Networks - MPS  
Aquila Networks - WPK  
Board of Public Utilities  
Central and Southwest  
City of Independence P&L Dept.  
Cleco Power LLC  
Empire District Electric Co., The  
Grand River Dam Authority  
Kansas City Power & Light, Co.  
Lafayette Utilities System  
Louisiana Energy & Power Authority  
Oklahoma Gas and Electric  
Southwestern Power Administration  
Southwestern Public Service Company  
Sunflower Electric Power Corporation  
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative  
Western Resources dba Westar Energy  
WECC-AZNMSNV Arizona Public Service Company  
DECA, LLC - Arlington Valley

November 12, 2003

El Paso Electric  
Imperial Irrigation District  
Nevada Power Co.  
Public Service Company of New Mexico  
Salt River Project  
Tucson Electric Power Company  
Western Area Power Administration - DSW  


California Independent System Operator  
Comision Federal de Electricidad  
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power  
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

 November 6, 2003

WECC-NWPP Avista Corp.  
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority  
Bonneville Power Administration Transmission  
Chelan County PUD  
Grant County PUD No.2  
Idaho Power Company  
Montana Power Company  
P.U.D. No. 1 of Douglas County  
Portland General Electric  
Power Pool of Alberta  
Puget Sound Energy Transmission  
Seattle City Light  
Sierra Pacific Power Co. Transmission  
Tacoma Power  
WECC-RMPA Public Service Company of Colorado  
Western Area Power Administration - CM  
Western Area Power Administration - UGPR  

Reliability Coordinators:

Reliability Coordinator Date of Response
California Mexico  
Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc.   
Entergy Electric Services   
Florida Power & Light   
Hydro Quebec, Trans Energie   
Independent System Operator New England   
Mid Area Interconnected Network  
Midwest Independent System Operator   
New York Independent System Operator   
Ontario - Independent Electricity Market Operator   
Pacific Northwest   
PJM Interconnection   
Rocky Mountain   
Southern Company Service, Inc.   
Southwest Power Pool   
Tennessee Valley Authority   
Virginia-Carolina North (Duke Power)

November 11, 2003

Virginia-Carolina South  



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