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May 14, 2003

It's a pleasure to welcome everyone here this morning for a hearing on a subject that has consumed the Committee over the past couple of years cybersecurity R&D.

We've been focused on this topic for good reason. The nation quite simply has been underinvesting woefully in cybersecurity R&D, and as a result we lack both the experts and the expertise we ought to have in a world that relies so heavily on computers and networks for the necessities of everyday life.

Last year, led by this Committee, Congress passed, and the President signed into law, two landmark bills to try to remedy this problem. The "Cybersecurity Research and Development Act" and the "Homeland Security Act" both established new programs and authorized new funds for cybersecurity R&D. Today is our first chance to see what's happened as a result.

At first blush, the answer appears to be "not nearly enough." Agencies have neither sought nor set aside adequate funding to implement the Cybersecurity R&D Act. We hear complaints from throughout the research community that the Department of Homeland Security is not focusing sufficiently on the problem. And DARPA is actually reducing its investment in this area.

I'm sure our witnesses today will describe positive actions that have been taken - and there are some - but still one can only conclude that far more needs to be done. I assure you that this Committee will continue pressing for more action on cybersecurity R&D. This hearing is only the beginning.

We need to work together now to prevent devastating attacks in the future. I look forward to working with all our witnesses to do just that.

Mr. Hall.

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