3.5 Data Privacy Protection


The goal of data privacy protection is to protect individuals from impairment of informational self-determination due to abuse of person-related data.

Due to the close interconnection between data privacy protection and IT security, the aim of an IT baseline protection chapter on the topic of data privacy protection should both present the conditions for data privacy protection in a way that is suitable for practical implementation and show the connection between IT security and IT baseline protection.

The draft for such a chapter was developed by the federal data privacy officer in co-operation with the data privacy officers of the individual federal states. It is concerned with the national and state offices, the private suppliers of telecommunications services and postal services.

This draft can be requested by e-mail from the federal data privacy officer under the address:



The draft can also be found on the Internet server of the federal data privacy officer under the address www.bfb.bund.de. In addition, a version of this chapter that can be downloaded (PDF), which is formatted for the loose-leaf edition of the IT Baseline Protection Manual.

Note: The Chapter "Data Privacy Protection" is only available in German!

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