4.3.4 Technical Infrastructures Room


As a rule, technical infrastructure rooms house those equipment items and facilities which require no, or infrequent, human attendance. Usually, these will be distributors of internal supplies (e.g. PTT cable transfer room, high-tension lead-in room, medium-voltage lead-in room, low-voltage main distributor). In instances, these rooms may also house the fuses for power supply. Installation of other devices/equipment (uninterruptible power supply, star coupler, etc.) is also conceivable. Even a network server might be accommodated here if a specific room (Chapter 4.3.2, Server Room) is not available.

Threat Scenario

The following typical threats (T) are assumed as regards IT baseline protection of a technical infrastructure room:

Force Majeure:

Organisational Shortcomings:

Technical Failure:

Deliberate Acts:

Recommended Countermeasures (S)

For the implementation of IT baseline protection, selection of the required packages of safeguards ("modules") as described in chapters 2.3 and 2.4, is recommended.

In the following, the safeguard package for "Technical Infrastructure Room" is set out:



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