5.1 DOS PC (single user)


The subject here is a commercially available IBM-compatible PC run with DOS or a comparable operating system. Such a PC must not be connected to a local area network. It is equipped with a floppy disk drive, a hard disk and, optionally, a mouse. If available, a printer is to be directly connected to the PC. A graphic user interface can also be employed here. The following is based on the assumption that such a PC will be operated by a single user.


Threat Scenario

The following threats (T) are assumed for IT baseline protection of a DOS PC (Single User):

Force Majeure:

Human Failure:

Technical Failure:

Deliberate Acts:

Recommended Countermeasures (S)

For the implementation of IT baseline protection, selection of the required packages of safeguards ("modules") as described in chapters 2.3 and 2.4, is recommended.

The safeguard package for "DOS PC (Single User)" is presented in the following:





Contingency Planning:

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