5.5 Non-networked Windows NT computer


Single, non-networked PCs with a hard disk (as described in chapter 5.1) and with the operating system Windows NT (version 3.51 or 4.0) are considered. The PCs can be equipped with a floppy disk drive. Security-specific aspects of single Windows NT applications are only covered briefly.


Threat Scenario

The following typical threats are assumed as regards IT baseline protection of single PCs with the operating system Windows NT.

Force Majeure:

Organisational Shortcomings:

Human Failure:

Technical Failure:

Deliberate Acts:

Recommended Countermeasures (S)

For the implementation of IT baseline protection, selection of the required packages of safeguards ("modules") as described in chapters 2.3 and 2.4, is recommended.

Safeguards listed as "optional" in the following lists go at least partly beyond baseline protection, or refer to special environments. The safeguards are to be implemented if these conditions are fulfilled, especially if many users are working with the same system and need to be protected from one another, or, if the control of critical security functions does not lie with the user himself but must be administrated centrally.

In the following the safeguard group for "Non-networked Windows NT computer" is presented.





Contingency Planning:

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