8.2 Fax machine


This chapter deals with information transfer via facsimile (fax). The transmission standard (e.g. CCITT group 3) was not used for differentiation purposes for the selection of safeguards as part of IT baseline protection. In this module, only customary stand-alone fax machines are used as the basis for fax transmission, not fax insertion cards or fax servers.


Threat Scenario

The following typical threats are assumed for fax information transfer as part of IT baseline protection:

Organisational Shortcomings:

Human Failure:

Technical Failure:

Deliberate Acts:

Recommended Countermeasures (S)

For the implementation of IT baseline protection, selection of the required packages of safeguards ("modules") as described in chapters 2.3 and 2.4, is recommended.

The safeguards package for a "Fax Machine" is presented in the following.






Contingency Planning:

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