8.3 Answering machine


This chapter deals with answering machines which, in addition to telephones, can be connected to the local telephone network in the building. They normally serve to record incoming calls or messages in the form of speech in case the called party is not personally available. These devices differ in terms of recording techniques: fully analogue, fully digital and a combination of analogue/digital. Particularly the currently widespread remote inquiry feature makes it recommendable to consider answering machines as IT systems and carries considerable threat potential.

Threat Scenario

The following typical threats are assumed for answering machines as part of IT baseline protection:

Force Majeure:

Organisational shortcomings:

Human Failure:

Technical Failure:

Deliberate Acts:

Recommended Countermeasures (S)

For the implementation of IT baseline protection, selection of the required packages of safeguards ("modules") as described in chapters 2.3 and 2.4, is recommended.

The safeguards package for an "Answering Machine" is presented in the following.





Contingency Planning:

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