IT Baseline Protection Manual - Index

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abnormal end, deliberately causing an T 5.54
abuse of administrator rights T 5.20
abuse of user rights T 5.19
access possibilities to networked IT systems, complexity of T 4.10
access right (site and data), incorrect administration of T 3 16
accounts, access restrictions for S 4.16
accounts, blocking and deletion of unnecessary S 4.17
adapted segmentation of circuits S 1.3
administrator rights, preventing unauthorised acquisition of S 4.21
administrator roles
- division of S 2.33
- in PC networks S 2.38
administrator, appointment of S 2.26
agreements with suppliers S 6.15
air conditioning S 1.27
alert plan S 6.8 , S 6.17
alias files and distribution lists, checking of S 5.55
alias lists, manipulation of T 5.74
alternative rescources S 6.6
answering machines
- avoidance of confidential information on
- deliberate overloading of T 5.36
- determining access codes T 5.37
- discharged or fatigued emergency power supply T 4.18
- improper use of T 3.15
- misuse of remote inquiry T 5.38
- Procurement/selection of suitable answering machines S 2.54
- Regular playback and deletion of recorded messages
- storage medium overflow T 4.19
- use of a security code S 2.55
application gateway S 2.74
appropriate key management S 2.46 , T 2.19
ARP, Address Resolution Protocol S 5.39
attack T 5.6
auditing and logging of activities in a network S 4.81
auditing data, lack of evaluation T 2.22
authentication , Poor-quality or missing T 4.33
authentication possibilities, lack of between NIS Server and NIS Client T 4.11
authentication, lack of between X Server and X Client T 4.12
availability requirements S 6.1
avoidance of references to the location of building parts requiring protection S 1.12

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