S 3 Safeguard Catalogue - Personnel

S 3.1 Well-regulated familiarisation/training of new staff with their work
S 3.2 Commitment of staff members to compliance with relevant laws, regulations and provisions
S 3.3 Arrangements for substitution
S 3.4 Training before actual use of a program
S 3.5 Education on IT security measures
S 3.6 Regulated procedure as regards termination of employment
S 3.7 Point of contact in case of personal problems
S 3.8 Avoidance of factors impairing the organisation climate
S 3.9 Ergonomic workplace
S 3.10 Selection of a trustworthy administrator and his substitute
S 3.11 Training of maintenance and administration staff
S 3.12 Informing all staff members about possible PBX warning notices, warning symbols and acoustic alarm signals
S 3.13 Increasing staff awareness of potential threats to the PBX
S 3.14 Briefing personnel on correct procedures of exchanging data media
S 3.15 Information on the use of fax machines for all employees
S 3.16 Briefing personnel on the operation of answering machines
S 3.17 Briefing personnel on modem usage
S 3.18 Log-out obligation for PC users
S 3.19 Instructions concerning the correct use of the security functions in Peer-to-Peer networks
S 3.20 Instructions concerning the operation of protective cabinets
S 3.21 Training and further education of telecommuters as regards security-related issues
S 3.22 Regulations concerning substitution of telecommuters
S 3.23 Introduction to basic cryptographic terms

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