T 4 Threats Catalogue Technical Failure

T 4.1 Disruption of power supply
T 4.2 Failure of internal supply networks
T 4.3 Inoperability of existing safeguards
T 4.4 Impairment of lines due to environmental factors
T 4.5 Cross-talk
T 4.6 Voltage variations / overvoltage / undervoltage
T 4.7 Defective data media
T 4.8 Discovery of software vulnerabilities
T 4.9 Disruption of the internal power supply
T 4.10 Complexity of access possibilities to networked IT systems
T 4.11 Lack of authentication possibilities between NIS Server and NIS Client
T 4.12 Lack of authentication possibilities between X Server and X Client
T 4.13 Loss of stored data
T 4.14 Fading of special fax paper
T 4.15 Sending a fax message to a wrong recipient due to misconnection
T 4.16 Fax transmission errors
T 4.17 Technical defects on fax machines
T 4.18 Discharged or fatigued emergency power supply in answering machines
T 4.19 Information loss due to exhausted storage medium
T 4.20 Data loss due to exhausting storage medium
T 4.21 Transient currents on shielding
T 4.22 Software vulnerabilities or errors
T 4.23 Automatic CD-ROM-recognition
T 4.24 File name conversion when backing up data under Windows 95
T 4.25 Still active connections
T 4.26 Failure of a database
T 4.27 Circumvention of access control via ODBC
T 4.28 Loss of data in a database
T 4.29 Loss of data in a database caused by a lack of storage space
T 4.30 Loss of database integrity/consistency
T 4.31 Failure or malfunction of a network component
T 4.32 Failure to dispatch a message
T 4.33 Poor-quality or missing authentication
T 4.34 Failure of a cryptomodule
T 4.35 Insecure cryptographic algorithms
T 4.36 Mistakes in encoded data
T 4.37 Lack of time authenticity in E-mail
T 4.38 Failure of components of a network management system or system management system
T 4.39 Software conception errors
T 4.40 Unsuitable fitting out of the RAS client operational environment
T 4.41 Non-availability of the mobile communication network
T 4.42 Failure of the mobile phone

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