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Computer Terrorism : What are the risks ?


  1. Tenth Annual International Conference on Criminal Justice iIssues, Illinois University in Chicago, July 31 to August 3, 1995.
  2. An exhaustive definition is given in the lexicon at the end of this document.
  3. The term comes from the color of the hardware seized at the time of the fraud of 1961. There is currently a whole range of devices with different functions, each function being associated with a particular color; designations can vary according to users.
  4. That can seem legitimate, but the legislation of certain countries, in particular the USA, regard this practice as being extortion.
  5. ARPANET is the ancestor of Internet
  6. The term "war" is slightly different of "warfare". Warfare indicates hostilities rather being able to take place even apart from a state of war.
  7. For a complete and precise definition, look at [LIBICKI95]
  8. According to the classification of the futurologist Alvine Toffler in his book War And Anti War, the evolution of the war in the history of humanity breaks up into three waves: the agrarian wave (man against man), the industrial wave (massive destruction), the information wave (attacks directed against information)
  9. I shortened the scenario, a rather complete version is in [THOMPM95].
  10. Transient Electro-Magnetic Pulse Emanation STandart .
  11. NACSIM 5100A
  12. Listen to systems which are not TEMPEST certified
  13. Contrary to the phone-tappings.
  14. Second International Conference on Information Warfare : " Chaos one the Electronic Superhighway "
    July 18, 1995, Hilton Hotel, Dorval Airport, Montreal, Canada
  15. If we exclude the attack against the World Trade Center which was carried out in the optics of " traditional " terrorism, in spite of its action entering the definition of computer terrorism.
  16. Example, the last wave of terrorist attacks in France in 1995.
  17. Split Hawaiian Islands, where the American fleet of the Pacific was destroyed by surprise by the Japanese, December 7, 1941, which caused the input of the United States in the Second World war.
  18. It is also possible, to initially conduce a conventional attack then to await the intervention before acting in the computer field (see the example of simulation)