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6. Your co-worker's comment is a significant clue that something may be very wrong. It needs to be checked out. The person who is afraid of being followed is either paranoid or has a good reason to be concerned. Either way, it is a significant security concern that must be reported.

Unwarranted distrust and suspicion is paranoia. Paranoia commonly disrupts relationships with supervisors and co-workers. A truly paranoid person can easily come to view his or her employer or the U.S. Government as the enemy, and act accordingly.

Apparent paranoia may, of course, have a factual basis. Concern about being followed or watched or searching for listening devices or hidden cameras may indicate that a person is engaged in illegal activity and fears detection. If a woman is being followed, it may indicate stalking and be a personal safety concern for which help is available from your security office or employee assistance program.

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