It probably won't affect your clearance, and not getting help is playing with dynamite.


7. Many excellent employees develop personal problems at some point during their career. If you are one of them, your clearance is more likely to be affected if you do NOT seek help than if you do. It is true that these are potential security issues, but it is widely recognized that such issues are often dealt with more effectively by the Employee Assistance Program or private counseling or treatment than by the security office.

If you seek assistance on your own initiative, and the security office later learns that you have a problem of potential security concern, the fact that you have shown awareness of the problem and voluntarily sought assistance will be very much to your credit. Although no promises can be given, it is likely that no adverse administrative action will be taken as long as the prognosis for eventually resolving your problem is favorable. Conversely, denying the existence of an obvious problem and failure to obtain help may raise more serious security concern than the problem itself.

Early response to warning signs of a developing personal problem is the best means of preventing security problems as well as job performance problems, on-the-job safety problems and a great deal of personal distress.

Information on common personal problems such as financial problems depression, stress, and various addictions is available under Understanding and Helping with Personal Problems.

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