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4. Foreign intelligence operatives are seldom obvious. They don't wear trench coats or have shifty eyes. In today's world, they're usually friendly people who pursue their trade under the guise of activities that appear normal and natural. They cultivate you as a "friend."

They look for any legitimate activity that lets them meet and gain some assessment of the people who have access to the information they want. They then become a part of this activity. If I’m a foreign intelligence officer, my goal is to make it easy for you, not to give you sleepless nights. We meet over lunch, become friends. I learn what makes you tick, sympathize with your problems and feed your ego. If it seems like you may be amenable, we talk about information that it is easy for you to rationalize talking about. I look for ways to gain one small step of cooperation at a time.

Elicitation is the term applied to subtle extraction of information during an apparently normal and innocent conversation. As an intelligence technique, elicitation is surprisingly easy and successful. It exploits several fundamental aspects of human nature:

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