You got that one right.

5. That's right. It is not unusual or exceptional for allied countries to spy against the United States. Espionage is a normal means by which many countries pursue their national interests. The FBI has identified 57 countries that conduct covert intelligence collection operations in the United States. The most common targets are new technology, including military technology, manufacturing secrets, marketing plans, and negotiating strategies.

For example, the former head of the intelligence service of an allied Western European country was interviewed on U.S. television (the NBC program "Expose") about his country's espionage against the United States. He claimed credit for starting his country's program of espionage against the U.S. as a means of improving economic competitiveness. He explained: "[My country] would not normally spy on the States in political matters or in military matters where we are really allied. But in the economic competition, and in the technological competition, we are competitors. We are not allied."

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