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Celebrate a right answer.

8. The statement is true. Intelligence tests really do show that most arrested spies have above average intelligence. They also thought they were smarter than other people -- so smart that they wouldn't get caught.

Although most spies are bright, they do some stupid things because they are troubled and confused. They are usually driven by psychological problems or uncontrollable emotional needs to feel important, powerful, successful, or to get even. The same confused thinking that leads them to betray also leads to their doing dumb things that help them get caught. No matter how smart they are, they can’t control the inner urges that lead them into trouble.

Espionage is a very high risk enterprise. Of those Americans who had access to classified information and who were arrested for espionage-related offenses during the past 20 years, 26% were arrested before they could even do any damage or obtain any significant amount of money, and 47% were arrested within one year. They certainly weren't as clever as they thought.

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