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9. An employee of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories was charged in 1994 with a felony offense, theft of computer service, for storing a large quantity of pornographic material on the laboratory computer system.

Even visiting Internet sites of a sexual nature on your office computer is a serious misuse of your employer's property. More and more organizations are starting to monitor and clamp down on employees who surf the Internet during work hours for personal pleasure or personal business, play computer games on office time, or browse files for which they have no need-to-know. Your computer systems administrator is authorized to monitor your computer use to identify improper activity.

Owing to the magnitude of problems that can be caused by misuse of computer systems, all organizations have a vested interest in maintaining a work environment that fosters high standards of computer security. The work environment that tacitly ignores or tolerates petty violations is the same climate in which serious violations are most likely to occur.

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