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Figure 1: Most Frequently Reported Targeted Technology *

Information Systems

HF, VHF military radios
Encryption Devices (KYU-5, KG-84, KY-57)
Satellite communications (SATCOM) systems
Signal Processing
Sensors and Lasers
Underwater Acoustics
Infared (IR) detectors
Airborne and Ground Radar
Imagery dissemination Software
Digital terrain data
IR Imagery
Optical night-vision products
Thermal-imaging Camera
Antisubmarine warfare and electro-optical sensors
Passive Communications intercept and electronic intercept receivers
Airborne swirching and logic devices
control units for missile launchers
Flight control systems for military drones
High voltage systems for night-vision goggles, tank sites, and rifle scopes
Hybrid electronic circuit amplifier used in radar jamming, Tempest/hardening of equipment, integrated circuits, transducers, semiconductors, and VHF/UHF SATCOM repeaters
Aeronautics Systems Technology
F-110/F-120 state-of-the-art engines
F-22 fighter planes
Chinook helicopter
Arial gunnery target system
F/A-18 Hornet
Engine safety systems for aircraft
Gas turbine engines
Brazing and welding techniques in aircraft manufacturing
R&D efforts in increasing engine efficiency
* (U) Technology headings are listed in rank order

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