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In order to reduce our workload, please have a look at the FAQ below. If your question/request has not been answered by the FAQ, then please feel free to contact us by using the contact form.


  • Highschool students asking us to do their project work:

    Unfortunately we do not have the time to do your research for you, so please don't contact us to ask basic questions.
    Instead we would recommend to us Google to find information.

  • Are you associated with NATO or any other military organization?

    No, absolutely not. IWS is totally independent.

  • I want to study Information Security. Can you recommend some good courses?

    US: I would recommend to have a look at NSA's Centers of Excellence in Information Assurance Education.

    UK: There are different InfoSec programs at Royal Holloway, ... I would recommend to do some serious
    research in order to make up your mind.

  • Could you please tell us how to crack ...?

    Wrong site! IWS does not support any illegal activities!

  • I have information about terrorist activities

    Please do not send them to us. Instead send them to the respective law enforcement agency of your country. (For example in the US contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation)