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"Global Action Against Capitalism"
April 28, 2000

Information received by the NIPC indicates that computer activists may employ various types of cyber disruption techniques, in support of a so-called "Global Action Against Capitalism," scheduled to take place on or around May 01, 2000. International financial and trade agencies are the most likely targets for this action. Past cyber-protests have included web page disruptions and denial of service attacks, including "virtual sit-ins." A "virtual sit-in" occurs when web browsers repeatedly request a web page and the volume of requests overwhelms the web server.

Recipients are asked to report significant or suspected criminal activity to their local FBI Office or the NIPC Watch and Warning Unit, and to other law enforcement agencies and Computer Emergency Response entities, as appropriate. The NIPC Watch and Warning Unit can be reached at (202) 323-3204/3205/3206, or at nipc.watch@fbi.gov.