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May 26, 2000

As of Friday evening, May 26, a new and dangerous computer virus has been identified and is reportedly spreading through e-mail systems using Microsoft Outlook.

Anti-virus industry sources are reporting that a number of corporate e-mail systems have already been infected, and some shut down as a result. The virus spreads by mailing itself to everyone in a users address book once opened. It also attempts to delete a number of files on the users system.

The subject of the e-mail carrying this virus is: "Resume - Janet Simons." NIPC recommends that you do not open any e-mail with that subject line. Deactivate your executive summary feature in Microsoft Outlook, and only then delete the e-mail without opening. Patches are being prepared by the anti-virus industry. Refer to those sources for additional technical advice and assistance.

The upcoming long holiday weekend poses opportunity for the spread of the virus over the next three days, with a potentially rapid surge in activity as of opening of business overseas on Monday and in the U.S. on Tuesday. It also, however, provides all users with the opportunity to identify and remove the intruding e-mail. In passing e-mails in furtherance of this alert, avoid using the terms in the e-mail's subject line to prevent your message being filtered out as defenses are erected at receiving systems.

Recipients are asked to report significant or suspected criminal activity to their local FBI office or the NIPC Watch and Warning Unit, and to computer emergency response support and other law enforcement agencies as appropriate. The NIPC Watch and Warning Unit can be reached at (202) 323-3204/3205/3206 or nipc.watch@fbi.gov.