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ALERT 03-026
May 30, 2003

Homeland Security Advisory System Lowered to National Level (YELLOW)

Elevated Condition (YELLOW). An Elevated Condition is declared when there is a significant risk of terrorist attacks. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alerts recommend the immediate implementation of protective actions, including best practices when available.


As of 1500 on May 30, 2003, following a review of intelligence and an assessment of threats by the intelligence community, DHS, in consultation with the Homeland Security Council, has made the decision to lower the threat level to an Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) to Elevated, or “YELLOW” level risk of terrorist attack.

This decision is based upon a number of factors including a review of the intelligence and assessment of threats. The U.S. intelligence community has also concluded that the number of indications and warnings that led to raising the level have decreased along with the heightened vulnerability associated with the Memorial Day Holiday.

DHS emphasizes the need to continue our vigilance in order to ensure the security of our homeland. Our ability to assess threats requires timely information. Continued reporting from State/local and private sectors is critical in creating a national threat profile. DHS encourages reporting of suspicious activities during all threat levels.

Federal departments and agencies, state and local jurisdictions, and the private sector should consider reviewing the protective measures that they developed and implemented while at HSAS Level ORANGE. When moving down to HSAS Level YELLOW DHS advises everyone to continue surveillance of critical locations, assess emergency plans, and provide a visible presence as a viable form of deterrence. The use of random or rolling patrol operations can be effective in signaling to terrorists that their chances of succeeding are minimal and terrorist operations may be disrupted and prevented.

DHS encourages individuals to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to law enforcement or a Homeland Security watch office. Individuals may report incidents online at http://www.nipc.gov/incident/cirr.htm, and Federal agencies/departments may report incidents online at http://www.fedcirc.gov/reportform.html. Contact numbers for the IAIP watch centers are:
For private citizens and companies, (202) 323-3205, 1-888-585-9078, or nipc.watch@fbi.gov; for the telecom industry, (703) 607-4950 or ncs@ncs.gov; and for Federal agencies/departments,
(888) 282-0870 or fedcirc@fedcirc.gov.