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Hacker Warfare

Hacker warfare varies considerably -- the kid on his/her home computer hacking for fun (to see if he or she can actually do it) to the extreme end -- the intent to attack and paralyze a system or shut it down. Hacker warfare is the attack of a computer system.

Is hacking an act of war? Think about this for just a moment. If I were to hack a computer and manipulate the system to decrease the amount of money I owe on my phone bill -- is this considered an act of war? How about..... I were to hack a military computer, obtain information on military operations, use this information to delay, alter, or stop the operation --- is this considered an act of war?

Hacking can bring this country to its knees. Libicki provides examples such as, shutting down the phone system, or credit card services. Now this could cause major disruptions in our every day life but it is not something the U.S would likely drop everything they are doing to defend -- or would we? Again, something to think about.....

These sites will give you a broader look at hacker warfare .....some of which may be eye openers, some were for me.

CNN Story. Hackers attack U.S. government Web sites in protest of Chinese embassy bombing

iAfrica.com. Hackers could face terrorism charges. Very interesting article. Something to thing about...should a teen receive the same punishment for hacking as a terrorist?

ZDNet News. Hackers: Uncle Sam wants you! A hacker conference becomes a recruiting drive - a must read!

Are you interested in learning what a script-kiddie, cracker or blowfish are...if so, lurk about the hackers lexicon. Have fun!