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Lurk & Learn Links

The resources listed are those I found while researching the topic, Information Warfare. Some articles I found very interesting and thought some of you may want to do further research. Or better yet, bookmark some for leisure reading during lunch

Cyber Attacks During the War on Terrorism: A Predictive Analysis. This analysis provided by the Institute for Security Technology Studies, Dartmouth College analyzes the possibility of a cyber attack during the new war on terrorism. You will link from this site to a .pdf file. It takes only a moment to open but very much worth the wait.

Information is a weapon. What will happen when every soldier is armed with it? Darwin Magazine, November 2001. This article provides insight on the future warfighter. It discusses preparedness of the individual soldier and capabilities of the network-centric warfighter. Ready - Aim - Wired........

Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare. This site provides hundreds of alphabetized links. Some of my favorites are DOD's vulnerability to IW; An electronic Pearl Harbor; All sites on hackers; and much more. Take a moment to scroll the sites listed and bookmark those that interest you.

Library of Terms. Center of Lessons Learned. When in doubt, look it up! :)

Political Aspects of Class III information Warfare: Global Conflict and Terrorism. Unproofed and unedited notes from an International Conference on Information Warfare in 1995. Interesting read -- the presenter Matthew G. Devost poses a question very relevant today, "How does this (IW) fit into traditional conceptions of national security?"