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Links are a quick reference .......you will find all of these throughout the tutorial.

The Center for the Study of Technology and Society This is a wonderful site, which lays out the background of cyberwarfare, the types defined, most recent incidents, and a large archived library of articles.

Defense in Depth Strategy

National Information Assurance Partnership. This site explains their affiliation with DOD and provides a wealth of information on projects and services. I had great fun in the library! (This site updates frequently -- do a quick search for Defense in Depth Strategy and you will find several interesting links to articles, partnerships, etc.)

The Importance of Computer Network Incident Reporting within the Defense in Depth. This paper written by Adam Straub, May 01 provides an exceptional overview of what Defense in Depth is and its purpose for DOD. It explains what to report and who to report such incidents.

Defense in Depth: Security for Network-Centric Warfare. This paper written by a U.S. Navy officer provides a comprehensive look at what could be done to minimize system vulnerabilities.

Hacker Warfare
CNN Story. Hackers attack U.S. government Web sites in protest of Chinese embassy bombing

iAfrica.com. Hackers could face terrorism charges. Very interesting article. Something to thing about...should a teen receive the same punishment for hacking as a terrorist?

Network-Centric Warfare
Network Centric Warfare. Exceptional resource. Will link you to the book, Network Centric Warfare, Developing and Leveraging Information Superiority and several articles, to include the report to Congress on NCW.

War-Gaming Network-Centric Warfare. Very interesting article by a Navy captain who presents the idea that war-gaming is required to be very different in the NCW world.

Network-Centric Report to Congress. Excellent site to explore. It may give you some trouble getting in....the site is not very reliable but if you do get in, take time to lurk about!

Psychological Warfare
Propaganda & Psychological Studies. This site provides links to definitions, theory, and reports.

Psywar Leaflets and Documents. Offers a visual of actual leaflets dropped in WWII, Vietnam, and the Gulf. Warning....some are very graphic!

CNN News U.S. propaganda to Taliban: "You are condemned". This article tells us how the U.S forces delivered a message to the Taliban to surrender. Also, linked on this site is the text of other leaflets dispersed in Afghanistan.