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This is the second CALL newsletter that discusses the application of Army Information Operations (IO) doctrine in a peace operations environment. The first IO-focused newsletter, CALL Newsletter No. 99-2, Task Force Eagle Information Operations: IO in a Peace Enforcement Environment, provided an overview of how IO doctrine is modified for peace operations. This newsletter provides "how-to" specifics on how IO has been performed in Task Force Eagle at division level and below and includes unit-level tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and lessons learned for tactical-level commanders and leaders. This newsletter is not doctrine, but rather an analysis of doctrine as it is being practiced in the field.

The intent of this newsletter is to provide commanders and their staffs a comprehensive document that shows how IO is being applied in peace operations. The TTPs and lessons learned contained in this newsletter provide a foundation for mission analysis, course-of-action (COA) development, and staff procedures for conducting IO in a military operations other than war environment. If your unit has identified lessons learned concerning IO, or IO TTPs that work, please share them with the rest of the Army by contacting CALL at DSN 552-2255 or 3035, FAX DSN 552-9564 or 9583, or commercial (913) 684-2255 or 3035. Our e-mail address is call@leavenworth.army.mil, and our WWW web page is http://call.army.mil. Be sure to include your phone number and complete address when contacting us.

Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned

Chapter One: Introduction