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Appendix A


- A - 
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange System
AAR after-action review
ACEanalysis control element
AFSCOORD Assistant Fire Support Coordinator
A/N Army/Navy
AO area of operations
AOR area of responsibility
ASAS All-Source Analysis System
- B - 
BDA battle damage assessment
Bde brigade
BiH Bosnia-Herzegovina
Bn battalion
- C - 
C2 command and control
C2W command and control warfare
C3 command, control, and communications
C4 command, control, communications, and computers
C4ISR C4 and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
CA civil affairs
CAAT Combined Arms Assessment Team
CALL Center for Army Lessons Learned
CALLCOMS Center for Army Lessons Learned Collection Observation Management System
CCIR Commander's Critical Information Requirements
CIMIC Civil Military Cooperation
CINC Commander in Chief
CIRP Community Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program
CJICTF Combined Joint Information Campaign Task Force
CNA computer network attack
COA course of action
COMEAGLE Commander, Task Force Eagle
COMPUSEC computer security
COMSEC communications security
CONPLAN contingency plan
CPIC Coalition Press Information Center
- D - 
DFSCOORD Deputy Fire Support Coordinator
DPA Dayton Peace Accord
DPDD Division PSYOP Development Detachment
DPRE displaced persons and refugees
DPSE Division PSYOP Support Element
DST direct support team
DTLOMS Doctrine, Training, Leader development, Organizational, Materiel, and Soldier issues
- E - 
EAF Entity Armed Forces
ECMM European Community Monitors Mission
EW electronic warfare
- F - 
FRAGO fragmentary order
FRG Family Readiness Group
FSE Fires Support Element
FSG Family Support Group
FST Field Support Team
FWF former warring faction
- G - 
GFAP General Framework on the Agreement for Peace
GIE Global Information Environment
- H - 
HN host nation
HUMINT human intelligence
- I - 
IAW in accordance with
IC international community
ICTY International Criminal Tribunal (for war crimes) in the former Yugoslavia
IEB Interim Executive Board
IEW intelligence and electronic warfare
IFOR Implementation Force
IIR initial impressions report
IMINT imagery intelligence
INFOSEC information security
INFOSYS information systems
IO information operations
IOs international organizations
IOWG Information Operations Working Group
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPTF International Police Task Force
ITP Instructions to the Parties
IW information warfare
- J - 
JCO Joint Commission Observer
JMC Joint Military Commission
JVB Joint Visitors Bureau
- L - 
LIWA Land Information Warfare Activity
LNO liaison officer
- M - 
MDMP military decisionmaking process
METL mission essential task list
MIE military information environment
MND-N Multinational Division-North
MND-SW Multinational Division-Southwest
MOE measure of effectiveness
MOOTW military operations other than war
MPAD Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
MRE mission rehearsal exercise
- N - 
NAC North Atlantic Council
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCA National Command Authority
NGO non-governmental organization
Nord-Pol Nordic-Polish
- O - 
OHR Office of the High Representative
OOTW operations other than war
OPSEC operations security
OPTEMPO operations tempo
OSINT open-source intelligence
- P - 
PA public affairs
PAO public affairs officer
PIO Press Information Officer
PMO Provost Marshal
POLAD political advisor
POTF Psychological Operations Task Force
PSYOP psychological operations
PVO private volunteer organization
PX post exchange
- Q - 
QRF Quick Reaction Force
- R - 
RII relevant information and intelligence
RS Republika Srpska (Bosnian Serb Republic)
RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
- S - 
SA situational awareness
SFOR Stabilization Force
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SME subject matter expert
SOCCE Special Operations Coordination and Control Element
SOP standing operating procedure
SSO Special Security Officer
- T - 
TACLAN Tactical Local Area Network
TFE Task Force Eagle
TOR terms of reference
TPT Tactical PSYOP Team
TST Tactical Support Team
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures
- U - 
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNMIBH United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
USAID United States Agency for Internal Development
USIA United States Information Agency
USIS United States Information Service
UXO unexploded ordnance
- V - 
VAT Vulnerability Assessment Team
VIP very important person
VRS Bosnian Serb Army
- W - 
WHOP Weapons Hand-Over Program
WMG weekly media guidance
WSS weapons storage site
- Z - 
ZOS zone of separation

Chapter Six: Information Systems (INFOSYS)