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Information Warfare Tutorial Feedback

Make your opinion known!

Join the national debate on securing America's critical infrastructures from the threat of Information Warfare. This beta release CD-ROM and web page presentation are offered to solicit your response for inclusion in the final version of the U.S. Army's CD-ROM dedicated to this subject.

Your response can be submitted in hard copy or electronically. We will accept text, graphic (GIF, BMP), voice (analog cassette or digital file), or video (VHS or digital video).

For more information contact Malcom Cowley at cowleym@csl.carlisle.army.mil

Please note: all submissions will become the property of the authors and subject to release for future hard copy or electronic publications.

Send feedback to:

Information Warfare Project
Center for Strategic Leadership
Attn: Malcom Cowley
U.S. Army War College
Carlisle, PA 17013

Submission Considerations

Please address the following as best as possible when submitting feedback:

  1. Does the submission represent your personal perspective or the view or your company, group, or organization?
  2. After viewing the lesson, Protecting America's Critical Infrastructures, what do you think are the three most important issues?
  3. In the process of balancing individual rights, what authority should be granted to government to secure such rights?
  4. Regarding the debate over security systems and advanced cryptography, how should government ensure that law enforcement will have the capability to pursue and prosecute criminal activity?
  5. As America and the world become more connected via an electronic community there will be many by-standers (have-nots). Should government deal with the issue of universal access?
  6. What laws do you feel need to be created or extended into Cyberspace and why?
  7. What issue deserves consideration that was not covered by the web or CD-ROM presentation?

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For more information concerning Information Warfare please contact Malcolm Cowley