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How Did We Get Here?


Government Operations

The cold war forced our leaders to consider many new questions:

  • How can we survive a nuclear attack?
  • How do we maintain the chain of command?
  • How do we communicate with our leadership, the American public, and foreign governments?
  • How do we control our nuclear forces before, during, and after a nuclear attack?
  • How do we warn our forces and public of an impending attack?

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Duck and Cover

During the 1960's civil defense messages, in the form of TV commercials, were interjected between children's cartoons. The duck and cover term came from a popular civil defense cartoon depicting a turtle taking precautions during an explosion.

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The Third Wave

The Third Wave, a book by Alvin and Heidi Toffler.

The Tofflers have partitioned mankind's development into three waves:

  • The First Wave - agrarian-based society
  • The Second Wave - industrial-based society
  • The Third Wave - information-based society

There is no doubt that our society is becoming more dependent on information. The question remains on how great of a change will occur due this evolution.

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