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Information Warfare and Deterrence

About the Authors

Rear Admiral Gary F. Wheatley USN (Ret.) is a former carrier aviator and Navy test pilot. Significant active duty assignments included command of a Carrier Air Wing and the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy. As a Flag Officer, he served as Director of Operations, Command and Control for the Atlantic Command and Atlantic Fleet, and also as Commander Task Force 84, the Atlantic Area Anti-Submarine Warfare Command. Since leaving active duty, he has specialized in advanced technologies and command and control. As a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, he analyzed the operational implications of a distributed surveillance satellite system. Presently, as a Senior Analyst at Evidence Based Research, Inc., he continues his work in command and control related issues.

Dr. Richard E. Hayes, founder and President of Evidence Based Research, Inc. (EBR), is trained as a political scientist, social psychologist, and a methodologist. He has a rich background in international relations, comparative politics, decision making under stress, economics, and defense analyses. He specializes in multidisciplinary analyses of intelligence and national security issues; the identification of opportunities to improve support to decision makers in the defense and intelligence communities; the design and development of systems to provide that support; and the criticism, test, and evaluation of systems and procedures that provide such support. His areas of expertise include political instability and social violence; political and economic development; development and validation of indicator and forecasting systems; crisis management; political-military issues; research methods; simulation and modeling; test and evaluation; military command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I); and decision aiding systems. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a Ph.D. from Indiana University.

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