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Appendix A

Acronyms and Abbreviations

AI:  artificial intelligence

BDA:  battle damage assessment

C2:  command and control

COA:  course of action

DBS:  direct broadcast service

DNA:  deoxyribonucleic acid

EEG:  electroencephalograph

FCM:  fuzzy cognitive map

GCCS:  global command and control system

HSI:  human system integration

HUMINT:  human intelligence

IAT:  information access technology

IMINT:  imagery intelligence

ISA:  intelligent software agent

MASINT:  measure and signature intelligence

MOD/SIM:  modeling and simulation

NCO:  non-commissioned officer

NRT:  Near Real Time

OODA:  observe, orient, decide, and act

OAS:  Organization of American States

PDA:  personal digital assistant

SIGINT:  signals intelligence

SURV:  surveillance

UN:  United Nations

US:  United States

WMD:  weapons of mass destruction


Architecture: A framework or structure that portrays relationships among all the elements of the subject force, system, or activity. 1

Battlespace: Area of concentration or concern; typically the workspace. Dependent on the scope of the individual's effort and level in the system hierarchy.

Command and control: The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned forces in the accomplishment of the mission. 2

Information: Data and instructions. 3

Information dominance: The state where one adversary possesses almost complete battlespace awareness, while the other adversary is cut off from almost all information sources. 4 Also information superiority.

Information operations: Any action involving the acquisition, transmission, storage, or transformation of information that enhances the employment of military operations. 5

Information superiority: See information dominance.

Information system: The organized collection, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information, in accordance with defined procedures, whether automated or manual. In Information Warfare, this includes the entire infrastructure, organization, and components that collect, process, store, transmit, display, and disseminate information. 6

Information warfare: Any action to deny, exploit, corrupt, or destroy the enemy's information and its functions; protecting ourselves against those actions; and exploiting our own military information functions. 7

Knowledge: The fusion, correlation, and association of related intelligence information leading to understanding.

Offensive counterinformation: Actions against the adversary's information functions. 8

Wisdom: Discernment based not only on factual knowledge but on judgment and insight. 9


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