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Information Operations(IO)

Chapter 5

Synchronizing IO Plans and Operations
With Division Plans and Operations

Figure 1 below is a graphic illustration of the SFOR 11 IO problem set operational rhythm process. The process is based on a complete circle concept and is composed of the following steps: 

  • Identify a problem set. 
  • Develop the problem set in IO plans. 
  • Generate a target synchronization matrix (TSM). 
  • Conduct a targeting meeting (develop an IMPIN or update a TSM). 
  • Review current TSMs. 
  • Review the IO synchronization matrix (key to IOWG). 
  • Develop IO tasks for the week. 
  • Conduct an IO huddle at the beginning of the week to disseminate the tasks. 
  • Conduct an IOWG to deconflict targeting issues, review the IO assessments, and update the problem set TSMs. 
  • Update both the IO synchronization matrix and the G3 future operations planning synchronization matrix (CG’s brief). 
  • Brief the CG daily in the division BUB and provide him with targeting assessments. 

Graphic: Operational Rhythm

Figure 1. Operational Rhythm 

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