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Information Operations(IO)

Task Force Eagle
Information Operations(IO)


The purpose of this newsletter is to provide follow-on stabilization force (SFOR) rotations with a detailed overview of information operations (IO) plans and operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The newsletter focuses on processes the 25th Infantry Division (Light) as Task Force Eagle (TFE) used to plan and conduct IO in BiH during rotation SFOR 11 (April-September 2002). 

IO is considered the main effort in the peacekeeping environment because of its ability to influence targets in a peaceful manner. In BiH, IO shaping elements focused as peacekeeping enablers. 

The IO staff continually shaped the Multi-National Division-North (MND(N) AOR by applying the decide, detect, deliver, and assess (D3A) targeting process; integrating information operations working group (IOWG) planning into the targeting process; and synchronizing their combined efforts with the division’s G3 future operations planning calendar. The 25th ID (Light) conducted concise targeting of every vital element of numerous sensitive and critical operations, resulting in the division’s overall success. 

Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned

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