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Title: Alternative Operational Concepts

Action: The following header and first three of the bullets are shown on the left side of the screen as the narration begins:

Categories of Asymmetric Attack:

Voice: There are various categories of asymmetric attack including the use of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and information attack.

Action: The last bullet is shown.

Voice: A category of asymmetric attack that this lesson will focus on is called alternative operational concepts.

Action: The following quote by Chinese Senior Colonel Qiao Liang from a book interview for No-Limit Warfare is added to the right side of the screen:

If we were to use high technology to counter U.S. high technology, that would in fact land us in the U.S. trap. We could never catch up to them on that track. So for a poor and weak country to try to use high technology to counter the United States would in fact be like throwing eggs against a rock.

Voice: The United States uses its superior technology to dominate the battlespace. Since most nations cannot compete directly against American technology, they look for alternative ways to operate that circumvent or negate the US’s superiority in military technology.

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