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Title: Countering Anti-Access Strategies

Action: Screen presents a faded picture of the Pentagon directly after it was attacked on September 11th in the background. The first of the following bullet points is shown on the left side of the screen:

Voice: Since anti-access strategies are a form of asymmetric attack, the most important element of a counter strategy is to prevent a disproportionate effect.

Action: The sub-bullets and sub-sub-bullets of the first bullet point are shown.

Voice: The best way to do this is to employ effective public affairs operations. Gaining broad public support for an operation and promptly responding to tactical setbacks can prevent the enemy from capitalizing on any failures of the force protection program.

Action: The second bullet point and its sub-bullets are shown.

Voice: Force protection measures dovetail with efforts to minimize our vulnerabilities. Dispersed operations and passive defenses greatly complicate the targeting problem for the enemy. Being well trained to continue operations in environments where weapons of mass destruction have been used, nullifies most of the benefits an enemy could expect to gain from their usage.

Action: The third bullet point and its sub-bullets are shown.

Voice: The final element of a counter anti-access strategy recognizes the primacy of the offensive by accentuating our strengths. The Air Force vision of expeditionary global vigilance, reach, and power has taken form in the Global Strike Concept of Operations. The Global Strike CONOPS is designed to take advantage of Air Force strengths to provide the means to “kick-down-the-door” in an anti-access environment and rapidly roll back adversary threats.

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