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Title: Global Strike CONOPS

Action: Screen presents the view of Earth from space on the left side of the screen with graphics of satellites around it, some of which are labeled. The labels are MILSTAR, SPOT, Space-based radar(SBR), and Defense support program (DSP). On the right side of the screen is the following text:

Information superiority is a continual process providing accurate and timely information to enable GS CONOPS

Voice: Prior to conflict, the Global Strike CONOPS employs persistent, all-weather Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance elements to monitor adversary actions; identify, locate and track targets and threats; and develop and update plans for countering adversary anti-access strategies and capabilities.

Action: The graphic is removed and is replaced with the graphic of the coastline from the Introduction. Over the course of the next couple of sentences, the graphic changes to reflect battle scenes. On the right side of the screen, the following text is shown, one after the other:

Information Superiority Creates Conditions for Access
Kick Down the Door
Door is Down
High value and legacy assets deploy to pursue attainment of desired objectives

Voice: In the initial hours of a developing conflict, the Global Strike CONOPS employs a relatively small number of low-observable and stand-off systems such as B-2s and F-22s, to “kick down the door” into denied battlespaces. Supported by a focused electronic and information attack, these systems rapidly degrade, and then defeat selected enemy anti-access capabilities and associated systems.

Action: When mentioned in the narration, follow-on forces (fighter planes and battle ships) defeating the enemy and global-range firepower are shown on-screen.

Voice: This allows joint force commanders to employ follow-on forces to defeat the enemy and thwart his objectives. The Global Strike CONOPS capitalizes on the Air Force’s unique capabilities to precisely employ massive firepower at global ranges.

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