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Title: Introduction

Action: Screen begins a series of images depicting the impact of the air campaign of the US in Desert Storm in 1991. The images are of bombed bunkers, burned-out Iraqi tanks and shelters, American soldiers firing missiles, American tanks moving into the desert, and finally a tank on fire.

Voice: The devastating air campaign and follow-up ground assault of the 1991 Desert Storm campaign against Iraq clearly demonstrated to both friend and foe the folly of opposing US strength on the battlefield. Desert Storm provided those with aims and interests contrary to America’s a very important lesson learned.

Action: The following text is shown over the background:

Avoid US strength

Voice: That lesson is that no nation on earth can win a toe-to-toe or symmetrical conflict with the United States if they give us sufficient time and access to prepare in the intended area of operations.

Action: The text shrinks down as it moves to the upper right corner of the screen. When mentioned in the narration, the following text is faded and moved into the middle of the screen:

Asymmetrical warfare strategy

Voice: If someone wants to oppose the U.S., they’ll have to use their selected strengths against our perceived weaknesses. This is known as asymmetric warfare.

Action: The text shrinks down as it moves to the upper right corner of the screen, above the other text. The background changes to an aerial view of a coastline with graphics of enemy bunkers and tanks added to it. The header, Anti-Access, appears on top of the background, above the preceding text. The following text is faded into the right center of the screen, with arrows pointing from it to images on the graphic:

Deny the US time and access to prepare for operations

Voice: One strategy for asymmetric warfare against the US is called anti-access. The goal of anti-access is to deny the US the time and access needed to prepare for operations.

Action: The text is removed and the background changes to the same aerial view of the coastline with new graphics of battle images showing explosions and fighter planes added to it. At the end of the narration, the background fades into the coastline in ruin. The following text is faded into the top part of the screen:

Counter Anti-Access

“Kick down the door”

Voice: To negate this strategy, we must develop counter anti-access strategies.

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