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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Asymmetric Warfare—Definition | Alternative Operational Concepts | Anti-Access Strategy | Power Projection—A Military Strategy | Anti-access: A Strategy Threat | Anti-Access: Weapons Threat | Anti-access: Political Threats | Countering Anti-Access Strategies | Global Strike CONOPS | Summary ]

Title: Overview

Action: Show the following bullets as they are mentioned in the narration:

Voice: The lesson starts with the broad concept of asymmetric warfare and then discusses anti-access strategies and specific actions to defeat anti-access strategies. Specifically, asymmetric warfare will be defined along with its key characteristics and categories. Next the lesson will look at why you as a member of the U.S. Air Force should care about anti-access strategies. Finally, a short discussion on how the Air Force plans to counter these strategies will be presented.

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