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Title: Anti-access: Political Threats

Action: Screen presents the view of Earth from space from the previous page, Anti-Access: Weapons Threat, complete with graphics of weapons of mass destruction, commercial space-based weapons, and advanced conventional weapons.

Voice: In addition to the threat posed by enemy weaponry, there are political actions and infrastructure limitations that can delay or deny U.S. access to an area.

Action: The graphic is removed and the background becomes a faded picture of an F-111 on the ground that had been forced to fly an extra 1300 nautical miles from the UK to Tripoli because of overflight restrictions on El Dorado Canyon. The first of the following bullet points is shown on the left side of the screen, along with its sub-bullets:

Voice: Overflight restrictions can force US Air Forces to take longer routes to a theater of operations. This slows the deployment schedule and increases the air refueling requirements for both airlift and strike sorties.

Action: The second of the preceding bullet points is shown, along with its sub-bullets. The background is removed and a graphic of a map of Turkey is shown on the lower right portion of the screen. Overlaying the graphic is the following text:

Turkey denied basing to coalition ground forces for opening a northern front against Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM

Voice: Political actions can also create base access problems if a host country denies or limits US military access to base facilities.

Action: The third of the preceding bullet points is shown, along with its sub-bullets. The graphic of Turkey and its text are removed and replaced by a picture of roadways being built in the desert. Overlaying the picture is the following text:

A RED HORSE Squadron builds parking ramps and taxiways at a forward deployed location in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Voice: Finally, even when given access by a host nation, the base infrastructure may be so limited that deployment is slowed until facilities are upgraded.

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