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Title: AEF Construct

Action: Screen begins with a faded image of Earth as seen from space in the upper left corner of the screen. The initials, AEF, are shown in front of the Earth so that the letters extend the width of the Earth. Extending from the Earth to the lower right corner of the screen is a small graphic icon with AEF in the center and fighter planes in its background. When mentioned in the narration, the following three bullets are shown simultaneously, curved around the oval graphic in the bottom right corner:

Voice: The 10 AEFs are the fundamental elements of the AEF concept. They represent a blending of the forces, capabilities, and equipment that can respond rapidly to many contingencies across the full spectrum of operations.

Action: All graphics showing are faded to the background and the following header and first bullet point is added to the screen center. The rest of the bullet points are added when mentioned in the narration:

As Fundamental Elements of the AEF Concept, Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEFs):

Voice: An AEF can be thought of as a “bucket,” that contains a cross section of Total Force capabilities and personnel from most specialties. Total Force integration of Air Reserve Component personnel, equipment, and aircraft into AEFs allows the Air Force to effectively manage the force and personnel tempo. AEFs provide more responsive force packaging, better visibility into force tempo, better detection when the force is stressed, and a mechanism for focusing relief on stressed areas. Because each AEF draws forces from across the total force, each has roughly equivalent capabilities that are composed of fighter and bomber squadrons, assigned theater lift and tanker forces, tactical leadership, and a full complement of combat support. The objective is to pre-identify as many deployable people and assets as possible in order to distribute deployment loads.

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