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Title: Force Requirements

Action: Screen begins with an empty line graph with the title, USAF Aircraft Deployed, 1992–2002. The units along the horizontal axis of the graph are the months of January 1992, January 1993, through January 2002. The units along the vertical axis of the graph are the numbers 100, 200, through 700 and the label, Number of Aircraft. There are horizontal lines coinciding with the units on the vertical axis.

Voice: To determine the requirements necessary for implementing the AEF concept, Air Force leaders reviewed the Air Force’s steady state requirements for the period between 1992 to 2002 shown, in part, here.

Action: When mentioned in the narration, the following lines are added to the chart, along with their graphic representations: Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Bosnia. When “Pop-up contingencies” are mentioned in the narration, the lines and graphical representations for Iceland Relocation, Counter Narcotics, Allied Force, OEF/ONE and other pop-up contingencies are shown on the existing graph. At the horizontal units of 350 and 700, there are horizontal dotted lines representing 2 AEFs and 4 AEFs, respectively.

Voice: The review showed that ongoing deployments to Southern Watch, Northern Watch, Bosnia, and other deployments to pop-up contingencies required a maximum of approximately 350 aircraft. The formulators of the AEF concept took this figure into account when building the capabilities contained in individual AEFs.

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