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Title: AEFs in Joint Forces

Action: Screen begins with a graphic representing an AEF divided into two sections. The bottom section is forward-deployed forces and the top represents the remaining forces. The graphic is then morphed into an organizational chart with AEW at the top, an AEG branching down from it, and three AESs branching down from the AEG.

Voice: AEFs themselves do not deploy. Instead, their elements deploy as Air and Space expeditionary wings, groups, and squadrons.

Action: The entire graphic is shrunken down to become the bottom tier of a larger organizational chart, with an AETF being the parent to the original AEW. The words, Deployed AEW from AEF, appear beside the AEW.

Voice: Once deployed, AEF elements become part of an Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force or AETF. The AETF is the overall organization that consists of all Air and Space expeditionary wings, groups, and squadrons assigned or attached to a joint task force.

Action: The chart becomes part of an even larger organizational chart. As mentioned in the narration, the AETF is changed to the Air Force Component (AFFOR) with an arrow pointing to it indicating that it is also known as the COMMAFFOR. At the top of the new chart is the President/Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), branching down from it is the Joint Forces Commander (JFC). Branching down from it is the AFFOR mentioned before, the Army component (ARFOR), the Marine Corps component (MARFOR), and the Navy component (NAVFOR).

Voice: Because the AETF is part of a joint task force, the AETF commander is also the Commander of Air Force Forces, or COMAFFOR. This graphic illustrates how a deployed AEW would be integrated into the joint task force structure.

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