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Title: AEF Cycle

Action: Screen begins with a faded collage of the following images in the background: a soldier being reuinted with family, soldiers running in a group, two soldiers in their cockpits, fighter planes flying in formation, and soldiers crossing the street on a military installation. The following header is shown high center on the screen. The rest of the bullet points are shown in support of the narration:

Lead Mobility Wings provide leadership for:

Voice: To facilitate the goal of better force management, AEFs operate on a cycle. This cycle defines the policies and procedures by which forces rotate through scheduled deployment requirements. AEFs, combined with new force policies, allow the Air Force to better schedule units for deployments, thus making the process much more predictable to Air Force personnel. AEFs are scheduled on a 15-month rotational cycle, and each AEF is eligible for deployment for 90 days during the cycle. This predictability is key to the effective use of Air Reserve Components within the AEF concept. To facilitate reduced personnel tempo, each individual can only be aligned to one AEF. The objective of reduced personnel tempo is to limit personnel deployments to a maximum of 120 days per year.

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