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Title: Expeditionary Operations

Action: Screen begins with the National Military Strategy cover showing, left screen. The cover of Joint Vision 20 20 is shown on the right of the screen as mentioned, as the first cover is faded down. The cover of Air Force Vision 20 20 is shown center screen, overlapping both covers, as Joint Vision 20 20 is faded down.

Voice: Expeditionary operations have a solid foundation in the National Military Strategy, Joint Vision 20 20, and Air Force Vision 20 20.

Action: Show the following text center screen, overlaying the document covers, which are all faded:

Enhance sustainability, readiness, and responsiveness through fostering an expeditionary warrior mindset. The vision will provide Air Force units, people and their families greater deployment stability and predictability as it matures over time.

Voice: The Air Force’s AEF concept vision for the 21st century is to enhance the expeditionary mindset throughout the total force to include the active duty, national guard, and reserve forces. Air and space expeditionary forces are packages or buckets of capability designed to meet the requirements of the Joint Force Commander.

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