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Title: Current National Security Strategy

Action: Screen begins with a mercator map with images overlaying each continent as follows: an American flag and a fighter plane overlaying North America, a small boy being fed by an American soldier overlaying Africa, an American plane with foreign onlookers overlaying Europe and Asia, American soldiers providing relief following Hurricane Mitch overlaying South America, and a military establishment overlaying Australia.

Voice: Under the mandate of the current National Security Strategy, the Air Force must maintain its readiness worldwide.

Action: The following header and bullets are shown center screen overlaying the map when mentioned in the narration:

4-2-1 Strategy

Voice: In what has become known as the 4-2-1 strategy, the US military must be able to deter in four geographic areas, fight in two separate theaters, and win decisively in one theater. The service must also be prepared to respond to “pop-up” political, diplomatic, and military crises as well as emergency humanitarian relief operations. The Air Force continues to remain globally engaged, is accomplishing a multitude of missions, and is frequently deployed to locations with the barest supporting infrastructure.

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