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Title: From Containment to Engagement

Action: Screen begins with a faded mercator map in the background. On the bottom left of the screen is the word Containment and the faded images of a man giving a speech, a nuclear weapon, and a federal building are above the word. On the bottom right of the screen is the word Engagement and the faded images of stealth bombers, a fighter plane dropping bombs, an American soldier helping the injured, and men loading large sacks of flour are above that word.

Voice: As the national security strategy shifted from a focus on containment to that of engagement, the Air Force Vision also changed to cope with the new challenges of the 21st century.

Action: Four arrows with the following text written on them are added to the center of the screen, pointing left to right with each one appearing below the previous one, as the text that is written on each arrow is mentioned in the narration:

Voice: Overall cuts in personnel numbers, budget dollars, and overseas bases, combined with the fourfold increase in operational missions, created an atmosphere of frequent, unplanned deployments—all of which represent underlying reasons for the AEF concept.

Action: The following header is shown overlaying all of the images, above the arrows:

AEF supports Air Force Vision

Voice: The expeditionary concept is the Air Force’s approach to implementing the operational concepts originally outlined in Joint Vision 20 10 and reiterated in Joint Vision 20 20. The Air Force believes that the AEF concept is a more effective and efficient use of air and space power.

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