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Title: Traditional Organization

Action: Screen begins with an organizational chart indicating the relationship between Units, Numbered Air Forces or NAFs, and Major Commands or MAJCOMs. On the chart, many units are assigned to each NAF, and a few NAFs are assigned to each MAJCOM. The MAJCOMs, NAFs, and units are highlighted when mentioned, respectively, in the narration. There are four MAJCOMs displayed side-by-side on the screen with their NAFs and units branching downward from each Major Command. All highlights are removed by one-third of the way through the narration.

Voice: The traditional Air Force organizational structure is depicted on this screen. The traditional, vertical alignment of major commands, numbered air forces or NAFs, wings, groups and squadrons still exists. With this arrangement, units aligned under NAFs generally remain within that NAF for war-fighting purposes unless specifically tasked to deploy and augment another NAF. When it comes to war fighting, the Air Force has traditionally deployed air and space power in the form of squadrons that come together to execute the combatant commander’s mission.

Action: The second MAJCOM is renamed as USAFE, its first NAF is renamed as 16th AF, and two of the units are named 16th AF unit and ACC unit, respectively.

Voice: For example, Air Force aircraft in 16th Air Force would fly and fight in the European Theater and be augmented, as necessary, by stateside aircraft from Air Combat Command.

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