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Title: AEF Organization

Action: Screen begins with an organizational chart indicating the relationship between Units, Numbered Air Forces or NAFs, and Major Commands or MAJCOMs. On the chart, many units are assigned to each NAF, and a few NAFs are assigned to each MAJCOM. There are four MAJCOMs displayed side-by-side on the screen with their NAFs and units branching downward from each Major Command. Three boxes each labeled AEF are shown below the units at the bottom of the screen, side-by-side, dispersed over the width of the screen.

Voice: The AEF concept seeks to provide additional structure to the deployment of Air and Space power through the use of the AEF.

Action: Lines are drawn from the first AEF to one of the units of each of the four Major Commands. The AEF remains “linked” to the four units until the second AEF does the same, and the first AEFs lines become hidden. The second AEF remains “linked” to its four different units until the third AEF does the same, and the second AEFs lines become hidden. This lasts the duration of the next three sentences.

Voice: Instead of the traditional vertical alignment of forces, squadrons and units from different NAFs come together to comprise an AEF. Hence, an AEF contains a mixture of squadrons with complementary capabilities drawn from different NAFs and MAJCOMs. These forces are drawn from across the active duty, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard commands from around the world.

Action: All lines reappear and a box containing the following statement is shown overlaying the graphic in the center of the screen:

Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEFs) represent a cross section of air and space capabilities that can be tailored to meet the needs of theater combatant commanders.

Voice: In essence, an AEF is a force management tool that can be tailored to provide the full range of Air and Space power capabilities to satisfy a regional combatant commander’s requirements.

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