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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Expeditionary Operations | Evolving National Security Strategy | Basing Changes | Basing Changes, continued | Current National Security Strategy | Temporary Basing | From Containment to Engagement | AEF Characteristics | Traditional Organization | AEF Organization | AEF Construct | Force Requirements | Force Composition | Force Composition, continued | AEF Employment Concept | Lead Wing | Lead Mobility Wing | AEFs in Joint Forces | AEF Cycle | AEF Cycle, continued | AEF Rotation Schedule | AEF Force Alignment | Expeditionary Combat Support | AEF Vision Across the Spectrum | AEF Issues | Lesson Recap | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Overview

Action: Show the following bullets as they are mentioned in the narration:

Voice: The objective of this lesson is for you to comprehend the impact of the AEF concept on the Air Force. At the end of the lesson, you will be able to identify factors that necessitated the change to the AEF concept. You will be able to describe the objectives, attributes, and characteristics of the AEF. Finally, you will be able to describe the role and function of the 10 Air and Space Expeditionary Forces in the AEF concept.

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